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Internet.org...it's only a matter of time

July 31 2015 , Written by Oleksiy Nesterenko

Mark Zuckerberg announced the completion of construction of Facebook's first full scale aircraft, Aquila, which it plans to use to provide internet access in remote parts of the world. The solar-powered drone will be able to fly without landing for three...

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Facebook is taking over the world!

July 30 2015 , Written by Oleksiy Nesterenko

1.49 billion monthly users... To put that number in perspective, current FB's customer base equals to: total earth population in 1849 nearly 5x current population of the USA more than 150m higher than the population of China

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Quote of the day

July 29 2015 , Written by Oleksiy Nesterenko

Have a great day everyone!

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